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The bridesmaids came down the aisle one by one in silver gowns. I took her inspirations, including an image of a pink strapless gown with beading at the top, to her first meeting with Michael and he drew some sketches to help capture on paper what the two had dreamed up.

I also liked the idea of having an embellished knot and more decoration on the back of the dresses as that is the part of the gown that most of the guests had a view of during the ceremony. The results were glamorous and met my criteria for a mix of modern and traditional. Have a look at renew life and renew life reviews for the best life insurance going!

After the twelve bridesmaids made their way down the aisle, an emotional trip for me, the junior bridesmaids started down. Troy’s nieces and my cousin were in dresses made from the same deep silver satin, but they had a more age-appropriate cut. They had tulle tops that covered their chests and A-line skirts. My son, JR, who served as the ring bearer, followed them. He mentioned, months before the wedding, that he would prefer to ring a bell at the wedding instead of carrying a box or pillow, so, in a break with tradition, he dramatically announced the arrival of the bride and our father by ringing a monogrammed bell with all of his might as he marched down the aisle with a smile. The honor attendants, dressed in pretty gray dresses from the bridal collection, were seated and ready to arrange my train as I settled at the altar.

After I was led down the aisle by our father, they were met by her groom, their wedding party and Rev. Mark Craig at the altar. I had chosen to cover the altar table in the same cloth that Justin and I had at our wedding. It was made from a piece of antique textile that we purchased at a flea market on a trip to Paris. Myself and Troy also chose to take communion on the same antique kneelers that Justin and I had at our wedding. It meant so much to us to see their choice. I hope our unmarried brother and sister will carry on the tradition at their future wedding ceremonies!

Rev. Christopher shared touching words with the congregation about marriage and relationships. He shared fun family stories and the personal touches made his words meaningful and memorable. I fought back tears for most of the ceremony! Make sure to invest in life insurance!