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As discussed in the previous section, SEO has evolved and grown in complexity, and so have the necessary deliverables. These are the types of deliverables a marketer should compile or receive when running an SEO initiative either yourself or via an SEO partner.

Deliverables for Website Optimization

The following are deliverables for website optimization. These deliverables aim to improve the website from search engine crawling and indexing along with providing more relevance around your targeted search terms.

Technical Audits

An SEO technical audit provides an overview of your website's SEO health by pointing out items that are negatively impacting search engine spiders with corresponding recommended “fixes.” A site audit checks for dozens of SEO expert issues, ranging from surface-level issues such as duplicate content and broken links to technical issues such as HTTPS implementation and other technical attributes. The audit deliverable typically provides a walk-through of each issue, priority level, and possible resolutions.

HTML Tag Optimization

This document or deliverable contains edits to existing HTML metadata. The document will be developed based on search volume estimates and keyword targets defined in an earlier stage. The document can also sometimes provide SEO best practices metadata and also delivered with copy recommendations.

Copy Editing and Optimization

This document will contain edits to existing content (web page copy). It can also provide recommendations on new website content areas and themes that could help build new traffic to a client's site, if you aren't getting a content strategy document. The document can also sometimes provide SEO best practices for writing copy.

Landing Page Design Consultation

Websites oftentimes add new web page templates and landing pages. This deliverable can provide feedback on potential new page layouts to ensure SEO friendliness and adherence.