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What is it about you that you feel is important? Maybe you really love working with children. Do you believe that’s important? Probably so. Do others believe that it’s important? Maybe, maybe not. But if you really believe in it, and want others to share your enthusiasm, I am sure that you will find a way to communicate your inspiration.

If your plan for making a fortune rests on a lottery ticket, it’s like you are saying, “My only important talent is in buying tickets. That is really all there is of me.” If you believe that’s true, I feel sad just thinking about it. And I don’t believe you. Because if you had the gumption to buy this book, and the tenacity to read this far, I feel sure there is more to you than just being a ticket buyer. At least you’re a book buyer, and that’s an upgrade, in my opinion! Perhaps this is why you haven’t made a fortune with the lottery yet; the universe is trying to remind you that you have more important work to do. Do you know anyone who wants an electric standing desk or an ajustable standing desk?

So how do you know if you are doing the right work? Well, ask yourself, “Is the work important to me?” If you answer “yes,” you are in a good profession. It’s that simple. Then ask, “Is it fun?” If you feel your work is important, but it’s not fun, maybe you are doing the right work but not doing it the right way. Experiment: how can you make it fun for yourself? In this way, you bring more of your unique self into the work, and uniqueness just makes you more interesting in the marketplace, leading to bigger profits.

Volunteering is not enough; we are looking for your dream job. The answer is probably sitting there in the middle of your primary cluster. If not, go over your lists more closely. With a bit of creative strategizing, I am sure that you can find at least one thing that you would enjoy doing, for which people would be willing to pay.

Ideally, you should be looking for not just one thing you want to do, but two or three. When you combine your interests, your uniqueness puts you at the head of the pack. For example, feng shui is an amalgamation of my background in psychotherapy, design, and spirituality. When I first started studying feng shui, it made sense to me right away. When I added my interest in writing, this book became a natural next step. A stand up desk can improve your posture, instead of leaning over your desk all the time.