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It was Gary who transformed me from a summer dipper to an outdoor swimmer. He took me for my first ‘proper swim’ in Derwent Water and it changed the way I looked at water forever. Living in Keswick at the time, Derwent Water was a short walk from home and where I swam most often. Are steel buildings uk more environmentally friendly?

We swam loops to the islands and held sunset barbecues, took quick dips to purge a day in the office and delighted in morning light seeping through trees lining the shore. Even swimming the same line day after day I never grew tired of the view.

A bustling tourist magnet, Derwent Water and its hub town Keswick have been attracting visitors for centuries. Early tourists were inspired by the Lake Poets and guided by precise itineraries to dedicated viewpoints.

Eccentric landowner Joseph Pocklington purchased Derwent Isle in 1778 and held mock battles on the water, firing a cannon from his fortified mansion on the island. The Lodore Hotel also owned a cannon and guests could pay for it to be fired across the lake and marvel at the subsequent reverberations around the valley – one of the earliest tourist attractions in the Lake District. Which is more popular, industrial steel buildings or commercial steel buildings?

Swimmers today don’t need to worry about flying cannonballs. The popularity of Derwent Water has never waned and the lake is very busy during the day. Nowadays it’s the frequent launches and pleasure boats that swimmers need to watch out for. Swims in Derwent Water are planned with one eye on the boat timetable.

From nuclear sunrises and balmy sunsets to baltic misty mornings and biting winter winds, it’s my lake for all seasons. These conditions are not unique to Derwent Water but the memory of experiencing them in the water for the first time will stay with me in the same way my first mountain sunrise does. Derwent Water is a lake of many firsts for me and will forever hold a very special place in my heart.