Backlinks are when another website links back to yours. Google takes these links into account when it decides where you’ll show on the results. Frustratingly, it doesn’t see all backlinks as equal. An SEO expert is recomended.

You’ll find loads of free services online where you type in your webpage and they create hundreds if not thousands of backlinks for you. The problem is, these don’t come from websites with what Google refers to as a “high domain authority”. To you and I, that means they aren’t from websites with lots of returning visitors who trust them. Ultimately, these services are no replacement for the real thing. Also, there’s some speculation that Google may punish you for trying this and hold you down the rankings for a little longer. SEO services can get you bumped up to the top of google!

How do yo get more of these good backlinks? Well, that depends how meticulous you’re prepared to be.

The first and most obvious option is to link from any other websites you own. You might hit that domain authority issue again but you won’t get punished for trying (unless we’re talking a ridiculous amount of websites and you add all the links within a short timeframe).

The most common way, particularly for ecommerce websites, is to send free products to bloggers and review websites in the hope that they write something nice and create a link. Most bloggers seem to love this. They get stuff for free in return for very little work!

Another way is a little bit sneaky but it does work. You can get plugins for most browsers called dead link detectors. These little bits of software scan the page you’re reading and find links that go to web pages which no longer exist. Most freelance SEO’s offer a free SEO Audit once you’ve agreed on a price together. This opens up the possibility of visiting other websites which write about your industry and finding links that used to go to one of your competitors. Now, you simply send an email to the admin of that website and politely tell them that you clicked on a link but it didn’t work - handily, you know another webpage that would be just as good to link to (and then you give them your own). It’s a time consuming strategy but if you get it right, it can be very beneficial.