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Climate change isn’t the only reason people come to veganism. There are three main motivations that lead people towards wanting to adopt a more plant-based way of eating and living:

  • The environment
  • The treatment of animals
  • Health

Whatever the reason you started out on your vegan journey, it’s inevitable that the more you read around the subject, the more you will start to care about the other two reasons as well. If you are fully engaged in your vegan journey – which we encourage you to be at all times – it’s impossible not to start caring about the cruelty inflicted on animals as part of current farming practices around the world. From animals packed into small living spaces or separating mothers from their children in the dairy industry, to the catastrophic destruction of wild fish populations from commercial fishing.

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We’re often asked what’s so wrong about organic, free-range, high-welfare meat sourced from herds that roam freely across acres of beautiful fields and whose farmer talks to them every day and knows them all by name. Surely that’s OK, right?

Well, aside from the debate over whether it’s ever OK to kill another creature, the main issue we have here is that it’s simply not sustainable for everyone on the planet to eat in this way. Most people don’t eat, don’t have access to or simply can’t afford to eat meat that has been raised in this way. And we simply don’t have the space on the planet to do it either. Many animal products on supermarket shelves come from animals that have been raised in poor conditions in factory farms, farmed cheaply to meet with demand.

We want to move towards food and lifestyle choices that work for everyone, not a select few.